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Kerr-McGee Chemical Co.


765, 80 Ton, was built by Generai Electric in April 1945, #27860, as  United States Navy 65-00297 as North Island Naval Air Station 26.  It was sold as Trona Ry 49 in 1964 and sold to Kerr-McGee Chemical Co 765 and resold as American Potash Co 765.  It was resold as American Grain & Cattle Co 765 and became PLB Grain 765.  It became MidWest Storage Co 765.

2962, RSD12, was built by Alco in March 1961, #83842, as Southern Pacific 7012, Class DF-127.  It was renumbered 2962, Class AS618-1, in 1966 and sold as KMG 2962.  It was sold to Purdy Metals Co and sold as West Tennessee RR 1854 in 1993.  It was renumbered 2054 in December 1993 and sold to Vintage Locomotives Inc as VLIX 2054.  It was renumbered 7012 and sold as Paperton Junction Southern Ry 7012.

E-716, 80 Ton, was built by General Electic in July 1943, #18021, as United States Army 7871 for San Jacinto Ordnance Works.  It was sold as KMG E-716 and sold as AG&C 6 and became PLBG 6.  It became MWSCo 716.

KM-2D, 25 Ton, was built by General Electric in June 1967, #35916, as Union Pacific MW-08.   It was renumbered MW-2.  The plant was sold from UP to J H Baxter Co and resold to KMG as KM-2D.

No number, 25 Ton JDT, was built by Plymouth in November 1967, #6609, as Moss-America Inc no number.  It became KMG and the Indianapolis (Beech Grove) was sold to Archer-Daniel-Midland in 1993.


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