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7996, S4, Class MS-10b, was built in August 1949, #76482.  It was renumbered 8143 in 1956 and retired in 1972.

8031, S4, Class MS-10e, was built in February 1954, #76446.  It was sold as F&M Coal Co 8031 in 1984.

8032, S4, Class MS-10e, was built in March 1954, #76447.  It was renumbered 50560 and sold as Claremont-Concord RR 105.

8170, S4, Class MS-10L, was built in September 1956, #81266.

8504, S13, Class MS-10q, was built in February 1959, #82555.  It was rebuilt in 1985 as 8709, Class MS-410b, and retired on August 16, 1997.  It was transferred as Canac Inc 8709.

8608, S13, Class MS-10r, was built in October 1959, #83176.  It was rebuilt in 1984 as 8704, Class MS-410a, and retired on August 8, 1997.  It was transferred as Canac 8704 and acquired by Alberta Railway Museum in 2003.



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