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Quebec Central RR

The Quebec Central Railway (reporting mark QCR) was a railway in the Canadian province of Quebec, that served the area of Quebec called the Eastern Townships, south of the St. Lawrence River. Its headquarters was in Sherbrooke. It was originally incorporated in 1869 as the Sherbrooke, Eastern Townships and Kennebec Railway, and changed its name to the Quebec Central Railway in 1875. It would eventually own around 300 miles (483 km) of track. In 1912, the Canadian Pacific Railway leased the Quebec Central for 99 years but continued to operate as Quebec Central Railway, including passenger service to American cities.

Passenger service ended in April 1967, and freight service ended in November 1994. The Quebec Central was abandoned on December 23, 1994. However, because the CPR only owned 10% of the Quebec Central's stock, it could not tear up the track and dispose of the right-of-way. In December 1999, a local resident who owned a trucking company (Express Marco Incorporated) bought the railway from the CPR and revived it, with trains running starting in June 2000. The railway operated tourist excursions in addition to regular freight service. However, the company went out of business in 2006 once more ending railway traffic on the line


31 was built by Canadian Locomotive Co in January 1908, #800.  It was sold as John Breakey Ltd 31 in March 1937 and scrapped in 1951.

65, Class G2s, was built by Montreal Locomotive in April 1909, #46047, as Canadian Pacific 1204, Class G2d. It was renumbered 1154 in February 1911 and 2554 in September 1912. It was rebuilt at an unknown date to Class G2s. In October 1926 it became QCR 65, Class G2s. It was renumbered 2554 in 1936 and retired in February 1961 and scrapped.

66, Class G2s, was built by Montreal Locomotive in May 1909, #46049, as CPR 1206, Class G2d. It was renumbered 1156 in March 1911 and 2556 in September 1912. It was rebuilt at an unknown date to Class G2s. In May 1929 it became QCR 66, Class G2s. It was renumbered 2556 in 1936 and retired in June 1961 and scrapped.

871, Class D10g, was built at Angus in August 1910 as CPR 2671. It was renumbered 871 in March 1913 and became QCR 871, Class D10g, in 1954. It was retired in January 1961 and scrapped.

1072, Class D10k, was built by Alco-Schenectady in October 1912, #52109, as CPR 1072, Class D10k. It never was a QCR locomotive despite the tender lettering. This was an error. It was retired in May 1961 and scrapped.

GG3 "J M Giguere", GP9u, was built by Electro-Motive in August 1956, #22123, FN 5475-14, as New York New Haven & Hartford 1213, Class DERS-4.  It became Penn Central 7543, Class ERS-17s, in 1969 and became Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority 7543.  It was rebuilt at Paducah in March 1980 as Illinois Central Gulf 8732 and sold as QCR GG3 "J M Giguere" on June 12, 2000.

6218, RDC2m, was built by Budd in December 1956, #6602, as Duluth Winnipeg & Pacific D-301.  It became Canadian National D-355 in October 1961 and renumbered 6355 in 1969.  It was rebuilt as VIA Rail 6218 in 1978, RDC2m, and rebuilt as Quebec North Shore & Labrador 6218.  It was sold as QCR 6218.



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