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Don's Rail Photos

United States Pipe & Foundry Co.

29, 45DE27b, was built by Whitcomb on December 26, 1942, #60229, as Oak Ordnance Plant 104.  It became United States Army V1213 in 1943 and renumbered 1213.  It was sold to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive in November 1947 and sold as Sloss Sheffield Steel & Iron Co 28 on June 2, 1948.  It became USP&F 29 in October 1952.

36, S8, was built by Baldwin in March 1952, #75523, as SSS&I 36.  It became USP&F 36 in October 1952.

37, S8, was built by Baldwin in December 1954, #76836.  It was sold Jim Walters Resources 37 and resold as Jefferson Warrior RR 37.  It was acquired by Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum.

38, S6, was built by Alco in October 1956, #81816.

39, RSD1. was built by Alco in February 1945, #72148, as U S Army 8655.  It was transferred as United Stated Federal Prisons 1450 and sold as USP&F 39 in 1958.  It was scrapped in 1972.

40, LS750, was built by Lima-Hamilton in November 1949, #9346, as Cincinnati Union Terminal Co 21.  It was sold to J L Ordner Car Co on October 10, 1958, and sold as USP&F 40 in 1959.  It was sold as Indiana & Ohio Ry 20.

44, AS16, was built by Baldwin in July 1954, #76008, as St Louis Brownsville & Mexico 4330.  In 1956 it became Missouri Pacific 4330 and renumbered 939 in 1962.  It was sold as USP&F 44 in 1965.

45, AS16. was built by Baldwin in July 1954, #76009, as StLB&M 4331.  In 1956 it became MP 4330 and renumbered 940 in 1962.  It was sold as USP&F 45 in 1965.

46, SW1, was built by Electro-Motive in January 1940, #987, as Illinois Central 9020. It was renumbered 605 in October 1953 and sold to Precision Engineering Co in May 1969.  It was sold to USP&FCo as 41109 in 1969 and renumbered 46 in 1969. It was later sold to Georgia Marble Co as 88 and sold as Stockham Valves & Fittings Co 1776 in 1985..

01, SW8,  was built by Electro-Motive in October 1950, #13514, as General Motors Co 801.  It was sold as Georgia Northern RR 13 and renumbered 1015 in 1971.  It was sold as USP&FCo  01.

No number, S3, was built by Alco.


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