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Don's Rail Photos

National Steel Corp.

55, SW1200, was built by Electro-Motive in March 1966, #31245, FN 4491-18, as Texas & Pacific 1297.  It became Missouri Pacific 1297 in October 1976 and retired on February 28, 1985.  It sold to Precision National in April 11, 1985, and sold as Peaker Services P2 in July 1985.  It was leased as Great Lake Steel Co 55 and became NSC 55.  It was sold to National Railway Equipment Co and rebuilt as United States Navy 65-00365, 1GS7B, in May 2012.

44, SW7, was built by Electro-Motive in August 1950, #10086, FN 4024-1, as Peoria & Pekin Union RR 408, Class D-4A. It was sold to Granite City Steel Co as 408 in January 1975  It was transferred as NSC 44 in February 1979 and sent to Peoria Locomotive Works in August 1991.

901, SW900, was built by Electro-Motive in April 1957, #23176, FN 4387-1, as Granite Steel Co 901.  It became NSC 901 in 1971, and United States Steel Co 901 in 2003.

1238, SW9, was built by Electro-Motive in September 1952, #16335, FN 6368-6, as Pittsburgh & Lake Erie 8957, Class DES-17n.  It was reclassified Class ES-12m in 1966 and renumbered 1238 in December 1971.  It was sold as NSC 1238 and USS 1238 in 2003.

1243, SW1200, was built by Electro-Motive in April 1957, #23301, FN 4391-1, as Great Lake Steel Co 43.  It was transferred as Granite City Steel Co 1243 and became NSC 1243.  It became USS 1243.

1244, SW1200, was built by Electro-Motive in April 1957, #23302, FN 4391-2, as GLSCo 44.  It was transferred as GCSCo 1244  and became NSC 1244.  It became USS 1244.

1246, SW8, was built by General Motors in February 1951, #A184, FN C112-5, as Canadian National 8504, Class GS-8a.  It was reclassified Class DS-8 in September 1954 and renumbered 7154 in June 1956,  It was sold as GCSCo 1246 and became NSC 1246.  It became USS 1246.

1247, SW1200, was built by Electro-Motive with no other info.  It was owned as GCSCo 1247 and became NSC 1247.  It became USS 1247.

"Albert E. Heekin" was built in 1917 by the American Ship Building Company at Lorain OH as hull # 723, as William A. Amberg (US 215708) for the Producers Steamship Co. of Cleveland, OR. GRT 7,031. She was renamed   Albert E. Heekin in 1932 and transferred to National Steel Co. under M.A. Hanna management. In 1955 the vessel was traded to Wilson ~Marine Transit Co. of Cleveland, OH and renamed Silver Bay. In 1975 she was sold Canadian to the Soo River Co. of Toronto, ON and renamed Judith M. Pierson (C 369249). Soo River Co. went into bankruptcy in 1982 and the ship was purchased by P&H Shipping Ltd. of Mississauga, ON and renamed Fernglen. In May 1984 she was towed to Port Maitland, ON from Toronto and scrapped.

"George A Stimson" was built at American Shipbuilding Co and launched on July 15, 1978, hull #907  It was sold to Skar-Ore Corp in 1986 and sold to Stinson Inc in 1989.  It was sold to American Steamship Co in 1996 and renamed "American Spirit" on March 14, 2004.

" David M. Weir" (US 203927) was built in 1907 at Superior, WI as Hull #516 by the Superior Shipbuilding Company. 540' -0" length x 56' -0" width x 31' -0" draft. 6,611 GRT. Launched as the Sheldon Parks for the Commonwealth S/S Co. (H.A Hawgood, Mgr.). Sold to Scott S/S Co. (M.A Hanna Co., Mgr.) and renamed EdwardA. Uhrig. Sold to Calumet Transportation Co. (M.A Hanna Co., Mgr.) in 1919. Sold again in 1931 to the Producers S/S Co. (M.A Hanna Co., Mgr.) and renamed c) David M. Weir. Sold to National S/S Corp. (M.A Hanna Co., Mgr.) in 1936. Sold again in 1953 to Midwest S/S Co. of Detroit (T.F. Browning, Mgr.) and renamed Norman W. Foy in 1955. Sold to Browning Lines, Inc. of Detroit in 1957. Sold to Marine Salvage,Ltd. of Port Colborne, ON in 1964. Sold in April of that year to AR.D.E.M., S.A and towed to Savona, Italy for scrapping.-

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