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Don's Rail Photos

Central Pacific RR


3 "C. P. Huntington" was built by Danforth Cooke & Co in October 1863, #277.  It became Southern Pacific 1 "C. P. Huntington" on February 5, 1871, and donated to State of California in September 1964.  It was then donated to Railway & Locomotive Historical Society in June 1969.

19 "Carson" was built by Cooke in December 1865. It was burned on November 27, 1873, and rebuilt on December 26, 1873. It was rebuilt at Sacramento Shops in December 1885, #23, as Central Pacific 19. It was renumbered SP 1762 in 1891 and 2208, Class T-6, in 1901. It was retired January 31, 1922, and scrapped at Albany on February 6, 1923.

31 "Mariposa" was built by Norris-Lancaster 1864, #37, as Western Pacific RR "G" "Mariposa".  It was merged as CP 31 "Mariposa" in June 1870 and rebuilt in 1874.  It was renumbered Southern Pacific 1193, Class CT,  in 1891 and renumbered 1215, Class E-63, in 1901.  It was renumbered 1488 on November 5, 1906, and rebuilt in 1907.  It was retired on November 16, 1908, and sold to Atlantic Equipment Co for Los Angeles Aqueduct Co on December 24. 1908.  It became Stockton Terminal & Eastern 1 in January 1909.  It was donated to Travel Town on August 17, 1953.

60 "Jupiter" was built by M Bair & Co (Baldwin) in January 1873, #3090, as Virginia & Truckee Ry 12 "Genoa".  It was sold to Eastern Railroads in 1938 for the New York Worlds Fair and donated to Railway & Locomotive Historical Society in 1940.  It was shown at the Chicago Railroad Fair as CP 60 and donated to the California State in 1969.

60 "Jupiter" was built by Baldwin in February 1875, #3693 as V&T 22 "Inyo".  It was sold to Paramount Pictures in March 1937 and appeared in various movies.  It was leased to National Parks Service as CP 60 in 1969 and sold to State of Nevada as V&T 22.

189 was built by Schenectady in May 1875, #981.  It became Southern Pacific 1554, Class DO, and renumbered 2023, Class T-57, in 1901.  It was sold as Amador Central RR 5 on March 28, 1910, and scrapped in 1945.

233, Class HA, was built by Sacramento Shops in January 1882, #16.  It sold as Southern Pacific 233 in March 1885 and later became Class EC.  It was renumbered 1504 and Class S-1 in January 1901.  It was renumbered 1903.  It was retired in August 1912 and sold to L R Fields on August 8, 1914.  It was sold as Oregon Portland Cement Co 1903 in April 1917.  It was donated to California-Nevada Railroad Historical Society in July 1938 and donated to Pacific Locomotive Association on August 9, 1972.  It was traded to the California State RR Museum in October 2003.


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