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Copper River & Northwestern Ry.

The CR&NW was built from Cordova and Kennecott and was completed in 1910. In 1932 records show 195 miles, 13 locomotives, 6 passenger cars, 202 freight cars, 129 service cars, and 282 employes. Profit in 1930 was changed to loss in 1931. I was closed in 1938 and given to the government. Some portions were served by small groups for a short time. The route was used as an unpaved road. When on March 27, 1964, the earthquake shattered many points. The "Million Dollar" bridge lost one span. It is now being restored.

Cordova had changed greatly after the earthquake.

Mile 6 was replaced with a new steel trestle and covers the Copper River delta.

Mile 48 was the Child glacier.

Mile 49 was the "Million Dollar Bridge".

Mile 132 was the change of direction at Chitina. There was a break in the wall at Copper River and headed east towards the line.

Mile 146 was the Kuskulana Gorge. It was 525 feet long and 238 feet deep.

Mile 160 was the Gilahina Bridge. It was 880 feet long and 80 to 90 feet high. The road follows on ground level.

Mile 170 was Swift Creek.

The last town was McCarthey. The station was restored and is a museum.

Kennecott Mine was a short way past the station.


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