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2 was built by Columbus Ry Light & Power Co  in 1926.  It was retired in 1958 and acquired by ORM.

21 was built by Niles in 1903 as Toledo Port Clinton & Lakeside21   It became Northwestern Ohio Railway & Power 21 in 1912.and became Ohio Public Service Co. 21 in 1924,  It was was preserved by Eastern Ohio Chapter, National Railway Historical Society 1939 and was acquired by ORM in 1945

64 was built by Kuhlman Car Co in 1924, #930, as OPS 41 for the line between Shelby and Mansfield. When that line was abandoned in 1934, it came to the Toledo line where it was renumbered 64. It was acquired at the ORM in 1953.

119 was built by Cincinnati Car in 1930, #3055, as Cincinnati & Lake Erie RR 119.  It was sold to Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Ry in 1939 and kept the same number.  In 1954 it was sold to Ohio Railway Museum and is preserved as C&LE 119.

154 was built by J G Brill Car Co in 1915, #19605, as Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee 154,   It was purchased by Anderson Railroad Club in 1963 and was acquired by the ORM in 1967.

501 was built by American Car & Foundry Co in 1926, #45, as Columbus Delaware & Marion Electric Co 501.  It was retired in 1933 and acquired by ORM in 1963.

1545 was built by American Car Co in December 1919, #1226, as Kansas City Railways 1545.  It was sold to Milwaukee Rapid Transit & Speedrail in December 1949 and given as ORM 1545 in 1952.  After it was heavily vandalized and damaged by arsonists it was sold to Fort Smith Trolley Museum in December 1982.  The truck was used for  restoration of Ft Smith 224 and the body was stored.

3876 was built by St Louis Car Co in 1931, #1540, as Department of Street Railways 3876. Class 5.  It was acquired by ORM in 1954.

5012 was built by Bethlehem Steel--Electro Motive in January 1931, #473, as Erie RR 5012.  It was leased in the 1940s as New York Susquehanna & Western 5012 and was returned.  It was retired in January 1951 and sold as Central Ohio Railways Museum  5012.  It was transferred to ORM where it is gradually destroying itself.

7763 was built by Detroit United Rys in 1923.  It became Eastern Michigan Rys 7763 in 1923 and sold as Cleveland Inteurban Ry 101 in 1932.  It became Shaker Heights Rapid Transit 101 in 1944 and sold to Ohio Railway Museum in 1967.  It was restored as EMRy 7763 and has been rotting ever since.


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