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Don's Rail Photos

Bay Coast RR


400, GP15-1, was built by Electro-Motive in September 1977, #767076-16, as St Louis-San Francisco  115.  It went to Burlington Northern as 1390, Class GP15-1, in December 1980 and as Burlington Northern Santa Fe 1490, Class GP-15, in May 2003.  It was sold to Birmingham Locomotive and resold as BCRR 400.

2085, MRS1, was built by Alco and General Electric in 1953, #80401, #31640, as United States Army B2085.  It was sold as Eastern Shore RR 2085 and sold to BCRR  2085 in 2006.  It may not have been relettered but scrapped in 2011.

8096, GP9u, was built by Electro-Motive in March 1955, #20175, FN 5378-29, as Illinois Central  9096.  It was rebuilt at Paducah in June 1969 as 8096 and sold as ESHR 8096 "Cape Charles" in April 1985.  The name was later removed.  It was sold to BCRR in 2006 but apparently not used.  It was sold to J&L Consulting Co as JLCX 8096 in 2010.


Bay Coast Ry.

316 was built by St Louis Car in 1913, Order 990, as Southern Traction 315.  It went  to Texas Electric Ry 315 in 1917. It was one manned in 1934 and modernized and renumbered 316 in 1942.  The body was sold as a lake cabin near Fort Worth in 1949 and later moved for farm workers.  It was sold to Bay Creek Resort in Virginia in 2006.  It was rebuilt by Edwards Rail Cars Co but it had to be completed by the BCRy people in May 2008 as BCRy 316, a motor car diner.  For information on this operation contact 757-331-8770

407 was built by St Louis Car in 1919, Order #1197as Northern Texas Traction Co 408.  It was upgraded to Crimson Limited in 1925 and sold as a home.  It was sold to Bay Creek Resort in Virginia in 2006 and is planned to be rebuilt by Edwards Rail Cars Co.



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