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Don's Rail Photos

Southwestern Portland Cement Co.

Mojave Northern Ry.

115, H12-44, was built by Fairbanks Morse in January 1956, #12L1066, as Southern Pacific 1581, Class DS-121.  It was renumbered 2379, Class FS412-4, in 1966 and sold to Metal Processing Co in 1975.  It was sold as SWPC 115 in 1975 and sold to Age of Steam Museum in 1993.

404, 65 Ton, was built by General Electric in April 1946, #28521, as 7.  It was renumbered 14 in 1948 and renumbered 404 in 1969.

408, H20-44, was built by Fairbanks Morse in March 1947, #L1032, as Fairbanks Morse & Co 2000. In October 1947 it became Union Pacific 1366, Class H20-44, and retired in November 1962. It was sold to SWPC as 66 in 1963 and renumbered 408 in 1969. It was retired in 1984 and donated to Southwest Railway Museum on May 15, 1984.  It was restored in 1998.

409, H20-44, was built by Fairbanks Morse & Co in December 1947, #L1042, as UP 1369, Class H20-44.  It was sold as SWPC 69 in 1983 and renumbered 409 in 1969.  It was donated to Illinois Railway Museum in 1984.

410, H20-44, was built by Fairbanks Morse & Co in March 1954, #20L832, as Akron Canton & Youngstown 505, Class D-2.  It was sold as SWPC 410 in March 1971 and donated to Center for Transportation and Commerce (Galveston Railroad Museum) in 1984.  It was restored as UP 410.

412, GP40, was built by Electro-Motive in October 1967, #33495, FN 7064-5, as New York Central 3084, Class EF-30.  It became Penn Central 3084, Class EF-30, in 1968 and became Consolidated Railroad Corp 3084, Class GP40, in April 1976.  It was sold as SWPC 412 and wrecked on September 18, 1993.  It was scrapped in September 1994.

415, SD40-2, was built by Electro-Motive in November 1978, #786174-9, FN 786174-9. as Southern Pacific 8507, Class EF630-8. SD40T-2.  It was wrecked at Durham, TX, on April 30, 1985, and retired on December 29, 1986.  It was sold to Helm Leasing Corp as HLMX 8507 on April 28, 1989 and rebuilt by VMV Enterprises as SD40-2 in January 1990.  It was sold as SWPC 415 on July 30, 1994.


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