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Don's Rail Photos

 Alaska Railroad

Rolling Stock


"Lake Minchumina" is a Pullman and has been preserved.

"Seward" was built by Pacific Car & Foundry in 1916. It was purchased in 1935 and retired in 1960. It is an observation which is now the Seward Chamber of Commerce.

4 was built by Cooke in August 1908 #45425 as Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul 10. It was renumbered X900207 and then rebuilt in 1958. ARR acquired it in 1981 as their 4 and retired it in 1984. It is on display at a roadside park called Potter Section House.

6 was built by Jordan in 1929 and is preserved at the Railroad Museum.

212, Model 21, was built by Edwards Car Co in 1935 as a demo car, Edwards 200.  It was sold to U S Naval Proving Grounds Dahlgren VA in 1938 and resold as ARR 212 in 1948.  It was retired in April 1954 and scrapped in 1959.

215 was built by Brill in 1927, #22563, as Lehigh Valley 5. In 1938, it was sold to the ARR as 115. It was later renumbered 215, and then was retired April 1954.

600 was built by American Car & Foundry in 1954 as Southern Pacific 3712.  It was sold as ARR 600 in 1990.  It was sold to Alaska Metals Recycling in November 2005 and sold to Al's Alaskan Inn in 2006.

711, RDC2, was built by Budd in May 1952, #5609, as New York New Haven & Hartford 121. It became Penn Central 82 in 1969 and then to Amtrak as 36 in 1973. It was then sold to ARR as 711.

712, RDC2, was built by Budd in May 1951, #5420, as New York Central M-480.  It became PC 80 in 1969 and rebuilt in August 1973 as National Railway Passenger Corp 34.  It was sold as Alaska RR 712 in 1987 and sold to Eagle Cove Camp & Conference in 2009.  It was sold to North Shore Scenic RR in 2012 and lettered as Duluth Missabe & Iron Range 1.

1018 has been saved by the Transportation Museum.

A group of steel cabooses got to see some service in the lower 48 as leased equipment.




B2 was an inspection car which apparently had been an Army staff car.

I don't have any roster information on LC-55.

LC-56 and LC-57 were built by American Brownhoist and are preserved at the Railroad Museum at Palmer.

PT6 was a work motor.


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