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8, S1, was built by Alco in April 1946, #74361, as Solvay Process 2.  It became Allied Chemical 8 and sold as NI&M 8.

43, RS1, was built by Alco in October 1949, #71774, as Chicago & Western Indiana 256.  It was sold as Genesee & Wyoming 43 in 1970 and sold as Jersey Central Terminal RR 43 in 1981.  It was sold to N&IM as 43.

69, SW9, was built by Electro-Motive in October 1951, #15510, as Chesapeake & Ohio 5251, Class SE-12.  It was reclassified as Class SW-9 in 1964 and sold as NI&M  69.

70, DD35A, was built by Electro-Motive in April 1965, #29984, as Union Pacific 70. It was retired in September 1979 and sold to NI&M as 70 in December 1979.

157, SW1, was built by Electro-Motive in August 1941, #1397, as Elgin Joliet & Eastern 239.  It was sold as West India Fruit & Steamship Co 239 in July 1959 and became Port of Palm Beach 239.  It was sold as Union States Sugar Co 157 and sold as NI&M 157.  It was sold as U S Phosphoric Products 157 and became Cities Service Chemicals 157.  It became Gardinier Big River Inc 157 and sold as Cargill Inc 157.

1000, T6, was built by Alco in March 1958, #83860, as Pennsylvania RR 8427, Class AS-10a. It was renumbered 9847 in 1966 and became Penn Central 9847, Class AS-10a, in 1968. It later became Consolidated Railroad Corp 9847, Class T-6, in April 1976 and was sold to NI&M as 1000 in June 1976. It was leased to Raritan River Steel Co as L-3 and later sold to Black River & Western as 56. It was then sold to West Jersey RR as 56 in 1994 and then to Vandalia RR as 56 in April 1995. It then was transferred to Pioneer Railcorp as 101 and sold as Georges Creek RR 101 in March 2008.

1003, C425, was built by Alco in October 1964, #3386-04. as Norfolk & Western 1003.  It was sold to as NI&M 1003 in April 1981 and later scrapped.

1268, S4m. was built by Alco in August 1950, #78023, or Boston & Maine 1268, Class DS-4b.  It was rebuilt as NI&M 1268 on March 10, 1981.

1600, GP7u, was built by Electro-Motive in August 1950, #11993, as Wabash RR 450, Class D-15.  It became Norfolk & Western 3450 in 1965 and later rebuilt at Paducah as Illinois Central Gulf 7706 in November 1974.  It was sold as NI&M 1600 and resold as Hillsdale County RR 1600 "Capt Moses Allen".  It was returned to NI&M in August 1981 and resold as Eastern Shore RR 1600 "Norfolk" in September 1981.

1603, GP7u, was built by Electro-Motive in February 1952, #15052, as Wabash 468, Class D-15.  It became N&W 3468 in 1965 and sold to NI&M.  It was rebuilt as ESHR 1603.

2569, RS11, was built by Alco in March 1958, #82864, as New York Chicago & St Louis 569, Class ARS-18B.  It became N&W 2569 in 1965 and sold as N&IM 2569 in December 1979.  It was then sold as Kankakee Beaverville & Southern 301 in 1980 and scrapped in March 2004.

7012, GP9, was built by Electro-Motive in October 1955, #20716, as Pennsylvania RR 7012, Class ES-17A.  In 1968 it became Penn Central 7012, Class ERS-17, and in April 1976 it became Consolidated Railroad Corp 7012, Class GP-9.  It was traded in to General Electric in 1983 and sold to N&IM for scrap.


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