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Quebec Trolley Lines


Hull Electric Ry.

106 was built by Ottawa in 1919.   It was sold as Cornwall Street Ry 1 in 1947 and was scrapped in 1959.

Norando Inc.

20 was built by National Steel Car Co in 1918 for the Hydro Electric Power Commission. It came as Niagara St Catherines & Toronto 16  in 1922 and was rebuilt in 1930. In September 1960 it was transferred to another CN property as Oshawa Ry 16. On November 9, 1964 it was sold to Equipco, who immediately sold it to Norando as 20.

Quebec Railway Light & Power Co.

We have a full page on this line.

Shawinigan Falls Terminal Co.

5 was built in 1920 as Canadian Car & Foundry and General Electric, #1585, as Hydro Electric Power Co E-23.  It was sold as Shawinigan Falls Terminal 5 on May 1924 and resold as Quebec Railway Light & Power Co 33 in July 1924.  It was renumbered 233.



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