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Don's Rail Photos

San Diego & Arizona Ry.

San Diego & Arizona Eastern Ry.


26, Class T-58, was built by Baldwin in November 1907, #32251, as Las Vegas & Tonopah 10.  It was sold as SD&A 26 in 1919 and sold as Southern Pacific 2386, Class T-58,  on June 20, 1941.  It was resold as SD&AE 25 on September 19, 1948.  It was scrapped in October 1951.

101, GP9, was built by Electro-Motive in January 1954, #19110, as Union Pacific 224.  It was retired in February 1979 and sold to Morrison Knudsen on October 1, 1979.  It was rebuilt on March 21, 1980, as SD&AE 101 and later transferred as Kyle RR 101.  It later was transferred as San Joaquin Valley RR 101 and sold to Western Rail Inc as 1761.  It later became Lake County RR 1761 in October 2005.

103, Class C-9, was built by Baldwin in July 1907, #31453, as Southern Pacific 2523, Class C-9.  It was superheated at Sparks on March 15, 2000, and sold as San Diego & Arizona 103 on March 17, 1921.  It was leased to SP on June 29, 1940, and renumbered as SP 2523, Class C-9, at Los Angeles on May 29, 1941.  It was leased to Northwestern Pacific on July 11, 1948 and renumbered back as SD&AE 103 on September 12, 1948, and retired on February 17, 1958.  It was sold for scrapped to Lurias Brothers April 10, 1961.

1126, SW8, was built by Electro-Motive in July 1953, #18356, as Southern Pacific 4621, Class DF-303.  It was reclassified Class DS-603 in 1963 and renumbered 1126, Class ES408-3, in 1966.  It was sold as SDAE 1126 and later transferred as Kyle RR 1126.  It was later renumbered 1101.


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