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Rolling Stock

15 was originally Pere Marquette RR 1.

268.  It was sold to a museum at Grand Rapids, MI, and later sold to Coopersville & Marne Ry.  It is scheduled for scrapping in 2012.

471 was built by Pressed Steel Co in 1931.  It was sold as Chicago Great Western 285 and renumbered 4061.  It was acquired by Illinois Railway Museum.

1603 "Elk Lake", parlor car, was built by Pullman-Standard.  It was sold as Missouri Pacific 755 and rebuilt as 493, a coach.  It was sold as Central RR of New Jersey 333 and became New Jersey Transit 333.

1628 was built by Pullman-Standard.  It was sold as Port Authority of Allegheny County 1603 "Boro of Liberty" in 1975 and sold as Connecticut Department of Transportation 1602 in 1989.

1903 "Chessie Club" was built by Pullman-Standard in 1948.

3753 is owned by Great Smoky Mountains RR.

90327 was sold as Chicago South Shore & South Bend 327.

90630 came from Hocking Valley.

90876 was built at Russell Shops in 1926.  It was sent to Indiana Railroad Museum.


900251.  It was sold as Buckingham Branch RR 223.


904134.  It was sold as BBRR 222.

911103 was built by Pullman in 1943 for United States Army.  It was purchased by C&O as a work car and later acquired by The Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati.



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