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Don's Rail Photos

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Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Light Co.

Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Transport Co.

Kenosha Motor Coach Lines

Wisconsin Electric Power Co.

Port Washington - Sheboygan Line

Trains started at the Public Service Building.

The trains operated on 3rd Street which was a major business street.

North Side Station was at Keefe when the line changed from Green Bay to Atkinson.

Street trackage ended at Fiebrantz which is also a local car barn.

The line crossed Congress St.

There was STOP at the crossing with the Milwaukee Road Beer Line.

Hampton had a new bridge and planned for a second track but never used.

Updated trackage was begun in the early 1930s and was double track.

Silver Spring had a bridge and stop like the rest of the Rapid Transit style.

There were power structures south of Silver Spring Rd,

There was a bridge under the Chicago & North Western main line heading to Wisconsa and then to Fond du Lac.

There was another C&NW bridge was a little north.  It was part of their loop around the Milwaukee area.

Good Hope Road was the stop for Tripoli Country Club.

Brown Park Park was near Bradley Road.

Highway 5 was Teutonia Ave.

Brown Deer Station.

Near the end of the planned double track was Beaver Creek.

Highway 9 was apparently County Line Rd.

Mequon station.

Thiensville Station.

Pigeon Creek, Thiensville.

There was a trestle over the Milwaukee Road between Grafton and Cedarburg.

Grafton Stone Quarry was just north of the trestle.


Near the station was the remains of the Milwaukee Northern shops.  There was a small car shed and a small yard.

Cedar Creek, Cedarburg.

Between Cedarburg and Grafton.

Cedar Creek Road, Grafton.

Crossing Milwaukee Road trestle, Grafton.

Tracks enter the city street and ran thru Grafton on 11th Street.

Passing tracks at the north end of the street.

Highway O.

Milwaukee River, Grafton.


Highway 57, Grafton,

Highway 141, Port Washington.

There was a passing track on the south of Port Washington.

There was a bridge under the Chicago & North Western just north of the passing track.

The main line was upgraded in the 1940 and crossed Sauk Creek to the new station.

There was a spur from the main line to the power plant.

The body of Circle A was on the spur to the power plant.

There was an entrance yard into the power plant.

Port Washington Power Plant,

There was a switch to the Port Washington station.

The station was a modern structure with a large loop.

Canyon Creek Valley was a scenic area north of Port Washington.

Weedens was 5 miles short of Sheboygan.  It included a station, substation, and an interchange with the Chicago & North Western.

8th was the route towards the Sheboygan terminal.  It was single track but there was a passing track before they left the street.

Approaching downtown Sheboygen used the Wisconsin Power & Light Co trackage including the bridge over the Sheboygan River.

Sheboygan had a nice station.


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