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Columbus Railway Light & Power Co.

Columbus & Southern Ohio Power Co.

2 was built by CRL&P in 1926.  It was retired in 1958 and acquired by Ohio Railway Museum.

2 was built by Heisler Locomotive Works in March 1940, #54.  It was sold to Youngstown Model RR Assn in 1967 and resold to Old Express Restaurant, Sharon, PA.  It was closed and sold to Age of Steam Roundhouse in January 2018.

111, T30, was built by Brill Co in 1933.


702 was built by Kuhlman Car Co in September 1925, #875.

753 was built by Kuhlman Car Co in March 1923, #812, as Ohio Valley Electric Ry 202.  It was sold as C&SO 753 in 1938.

911 was built by Brill Car Co in 1925 as Eastern Massachusetts Street Ry.  It was sold as C&SO 911 in 1936.

1000 was built by Brill Car Co in April 1913, #18945.


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