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Chicago Hardware Foundry Co.

2 was built by CHF. The running gear started out as a burro crane. It may have been the electric crane from Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Electric Ry  607 since it was dismantled by CHF. The engine is a truck engine. The cab was made from panels from North Shore 500 series street cars which were scrapped by CHF. Does anyone know what happened to the locomotive after the Illinois Ry Museum moved out of the CHF yards and went to Union?

Scott Greig advises that the little locomotive was scrapped shortly after the IRM move. Too bad it had to go that way.

237 was built by McGuire-Cummings in December 1909, as Chicago & Milwaukee Electric Ry 70. It had a line tower at one time, and the brooms could be removed for work service. It was retired in 1948 and was sold to the CHF. who renumbered it 237 in 1952.

238 was built by McGuire-Cummings in 1908 as C&ME 21. The brooms could be removed for work service. It was retired in 1950 and sold to CHF as 238 in 1953.

239 was built by November 1924, #2730, as CNS&M 607. It was retired in 1949 and sold to CHF in 1950 and renumbered 239.

240 was built by Hoskiss-Blue in 1925 as CNS&M 611. It was rebuilt as a flat car in 1947. In 1952 it was sold to CHFCo as 240

2nd 240 was built by Cincinnati Car in March 1920, #2445, as CNS&M 203. and followed the pattern of the earlier cars.  It was retired in 1943 and sold to Chicago Hardware Foundry in 1953 who numbered it as 2nd  240.

242 was built by Cincinnati in March 1920, #2445. as CNS&M 213, a merchandise despatch car. In 1940 it was rebuilt as a disc harrow ice cutter. It was retired in 1955 and sold to CHF as their 242.

243 was built by Cincinnati Car in May 1924, #2720, as CNS&M 236.  It was rebuilt with 2 motors and retired in 1954. It was sold to Chicago Hardware Foundry as 243 in 1955.

354 was built by St Louis Car Co in 1927 as C&ME 354.  After abandonment, the cars were sent to North Chicago for scrapping. 354 was purchased by the president of the CHF. It was painted into the green and red of CHF, but the motors were removed. The car was acquired by the Illinois Electric Railway Museum (now IRM). Restoration began in 1958 (I put many hours on the car), and it is now in operation in Union. When I visited the car in 1989, it brought back many happy memories.

202 was built by Jewett in 1909 as C&ME combine.202. In January 1917 it was converted to merchandise dispatch car by removing the seating and adding doors at the former passenger end of the car. In 1936 202 was converted to use as a supply car. In August 1946 it was sold to CHF where the body was used as a storage shed for several years.


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