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Route 37


This route was part of Route 19.

In 1897, 3RD ST-6TH AVE ran from Green Bay and Keeve on Green Bay, 3rd St, Sycamore (W Michigan), W Water (Plankinton), Reed (S 2nd), Greenfield, to 6th Ave (S 13th) and Windlake to 8th Ave (S 13th).  It was extended to Bottom (Harrison) St in 1906 and extended to Cleveland St in 1912.  A stub was set up in 1912 from 8th (S13th) and Montana on 8th, Oklahoma, to 15th (S 20th) and retired in 1924.  In 1924 the north end was extended on Green Bay and 7th to Vienna Ave.  The south end was extended when a bridge over the C&NW allowed it to go to Cleveland Ave and Oklahoma and 15th.  The Oklahoma  rails were abandoned in 1925.  In 1927 the north line was extended on 7th and Fiebrantz to Port Washington and the south line was extended to Ohio.  In 1928 it went to Morgan. 

In 1930 it became Route 37  3RD ST-13TH STREET.

On March 29, 1948, service was discontinued from 3rd and Michigan to 3rd and Burleigh. The north end part was replaced by trackless trolleys on October 10, 1948, and the south end was replaced by trackless trolleys on December 31, 1948.

The line started at Fiebrantz and Port Washington ending across from a coal yard.

Car 660 was selected to close 3rd Street.

3rd and Juneau was the junction with the Vliet Steet line.  The end of the Milwaukee Road Beer Line was just north.

In 1948, track rebuilding on S 2nd Street and cars ran on Michigan Street bridge.

When we stood on the Milwaukee lead to the Muskego Yard. we could look down 2nd.

The bridge can also be seen.

Cars turned from 2nd to Greenfield.

Greenfield and 5th was the crossing with the North Shore.

Greenfield had a few stores but mostly flats.

Lincoln was one of the busy Polska shop areas.

There was a bridge over the C&NW.  There was a great brewery, Independent, and had Braumeister and Eisen Starck.

Oklahoma had a branch and ran for several blocks.

The end of the line was Morgan.  St. Adalbert Cemetery is the old main south side Catholic cemetery and was originally Polish Union Cemeteary.


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