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The Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Light Co.

The Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Transport Co.

 Route 11

In 1896, STATE-WISCONSIN ran from C&NW Depot on E Wisconsin, Grand (W Wisconsin) N 3rd St, State St, 27th St, and North to 30th..  A branch on State to 35th was opened in 1909.  In 1911 it was rerouted to 27th and Center.  In 1913, 27th was a crosstown line and this line ran from 35th and State to C&NW Depot.  In 1920 a loop was set up at the C&NW Depot. 

In 1921, STATE ST ran from 35th and State on State, 3rd, W Water (Plankinton), Sycamore (Michigan), 3rd. State.  One man was set up in 1928.

In 1929, STATE-HOWELL ran from 35th and State on State, N Water, Clinton (S 1st), Kinnickinnic, Howell, to Bolivar.  In 1930 the line was rerouted via State. 11th, and Wells.  In 1931 another reroute change was from 35th and State on State, E State. N Water, S Ferry, E Seaboth, S 1st, Lincoln, Howell, to Tippecanoe (Bolivar).

In 1939, VLIET-HOWELL, ran from  6th & Vliet, Vliet, Winnebago, Juneau, N 3rd, Plankinton, S 2nds, Greenfield, S 1st, Lincoln, Howell, to Tippecanoe. 

May 30, 1947, was a cut back to Howard. 

In 1953, HOWELL ran from Howell and Howard on Howell, Kinnikinnic, S 1st, Seaboth, S Ferry, N Water, Michigan, Broadway, Mason, N Water and return to Howard.

Buses replaced cars on October 28, 1956.

There was a jigjag at Seboth and Water.  The building behind the car is still there and still looks as if there construction along the side of it.

Howard was the last service terminal.

Single track ran off the east side of the street to Bolivar (Tippecanoe).


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