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86, VO1000, was built on November 1943, #70106, as Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9355.  It was sold to General Electric in March 1967 and resold to Precision National Corp in 1967.  It was sold as Seaboard Coast Line 86 in 1968 and transferred as L&N 86.

2105, VO1000, Class S-85, was built in August 1943, #67743, as 2205.  It was renumbered 2105 in 1965 and sold to Hyman Michaels Co.  It was sold as Cotton Producers Association 2105.

2150, VO1000, Class S-85, was built in September 1943, #69644, as Nashville Chattanooga & St Louis 30, Class DF-1000.  It was renumbered 40 and renumbered 50.  It became L&N 2150, Class S-85, and sold to Precision National Corp.  It was sold as United States Navy 65-00610 in June 1974, local Crane NWS 6.


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