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Termoelektrana "Nikola Tesla", Obrenovac


Thermoelectric powerplant "Nikola Tesla" (TENT) is located in Obrenovac, and is connected to the Vreoci station on the Beograd-Bar mainline. There are two power stations, "A" and "B", and thus two railway lines. The first is a 32.5 km long line from Vreoci to Obrenovac, the second is a 14.5 km long branch of this line between Stubline and Vorbis (station "B").

The current locomotive fleet of TENT consists of 8 locomotives of class 441 (same as Jugoslovenske Železnice class 441), numbers 441-01 to 441-08, and ten of class 443, numbers 443-01 to 443-10. The eight class 441 locomotives are mainline units, while the ten class 443 are used as shunters at the beginning and end stations. The class 443 locomotives were built by Skoda in Czechia and are identical to České Dráhy class 210 (ex-CSD class S458.0). Power output of these locomotives is 880 kW, wheel arrangement is B'o-B'o, weight 72 tons, axleload is 18 tons and maximum speed is 80 km/h. In the loading and unloading stations these locomotives are remotely controlled, without a driver. Further, there are two diesels of class 661 (same as JZ)





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