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78, combination car.

251, RPO-baggage, was built by Pullman in 1911 as Houston & Texas Central 251, RPO. Class 40-P-1.  It was rebuilt as RPO-baggage in June 1925 and became T&NO 251, Class 40-P-1, in 1931.  It was transferred as Southern Pacific 6009 in 1944 and remodeled as 475, caboose, in 1956.  It was retired in 1972 and acquired by Pacific Coast R&LHS.  It was purchased by California State Railroad Museum in 1979 and stored.

504-505, was built by Pullman Standard Co.  It was transferred as SP 2445-2446 and sold as Yreka Western RR 2445-2446.  It was resold as Grand Traverse Train 300A-300B, and resold as Central States Rail Association Inc as CESX 300A-300B. in February 2011.

999 "Alamo" was built by Pullman in June 1926 as Galveston Houston & San Antonio 999 "Alamo".  It became Texas & New Orleans 999 "Alamo" in 1931 and air conditioned on May 29, 1937.  It was renumbered 127 in 1960 and became SP 127 "Alamo" in 1966.  It was recommended for retirement on November 24, 1975, and retired in March 1982.  It was sold and plynthed at Houston.


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