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Chesapeake & Ohio 2707, Class K-4, was built b y Alco-Schenectady in 1943, #70856.  It was donated to City of Cleveland, OH, in November 1955 and sold to Ray Kamer in April 1981.  It was sold to IRM on May 10, 1993.

Chicago Burlington & Quincy 637, Class K-2, was built by Rogers in November 1892, #4788, as Burlington & Missouri River RR 309.  It became CB&Q 637, Class K-2,  in 1904 and was donated to City of Aurora in June 1963.  It was donated later to IRM in 1990.

Chicago Burlington & Quincy 4963, Class O-1-A, was built by Baldwin in July 1923, #56812.  It was leased as Bevier & Southern 4963 in 1961 and returned in 1964.  It was sold to Richard Jensen in 1966 and transferred to Chicago & Western Indiana in September 1969.  It was sold to Erman-Howell Co in September 1969 and sold to IRM in November 1990.

Chicago Milwaukee St Paul & Pacific 265, Class S-3, was built by Alco in July 1944, #71978.  It was given to the City of Milwaukee for display in September 1956.  I was fortunate to be on the "Old Smokey" committee of the city at the time of the donation. It was later removed from display at the foot of Lincoln Avenue and given to the IRM in March 1975.

Chicago Rock Island & Pacific 938, Class P-33, was built by Alco-Schenectady in November 1910, #48510.  It was donated to the State of Oklahoma at Enid in 1954.  It was sold to Fort Worth & Western in 1990 and resold to IRM in 1995.

Georgia Northern Ry 102 was built by Alco-Richmond in May 1923, #64283.  It was sold as Norton Coal Co 102 in the 1950s and sold to Richard Jensen in 1965.  It was donated to IRM in the 1980s and sold to End 'O Line RR Museum in 1993.

Grand Trunk Western 6323, Class U-3-b, was built by Alco in January 1942, #69629. It was the last steam locomotive operated by GTW and was sold to Fred Crew in November 1961.  After he died it was sold to Robert Johnson in August 1973 and moved to IRM in August 1981.

Grand Trunk Western 8380, Class P-5-g, was built by Baldwin in September 1929, #61011. It was sold to NWS&WCo as 80 in 1961. It is now preserved at IRM.

Illinois Central 201 was built by Rogers in May 1880, #2588, as 213.  It was renumbered 221 in 1884 and renumbered 201 in July 1890.  It was renumbered 1401 in July 1900.  It was retired in November 1928 and renumbered 201 in 1934.  It was sold to Vonachen in 1965 and sold to Ruben Kaplan in July 1975.  It was donated to IRM in December 2002.

Illinois Central 3706 was built by Brooks in December 1900, #3697, as Illinois Central 560.  It was renumbered 3719 in July 1937 and renumbered 3706 in April 1943.  It was sold as Bevier & Southern 109 in February 1946.  It was sold to George Silcott in March 1963 and sold to Monadnock Steamtown & Northern in March 1963.  It became Steamtown Foundation in 1967 and sold to IRM in May 1986.

Lake Superior & Ishpeming 34, Class SC-1, was built by Baldwin in April 1916, #43105, as 18.  It was renumbered 34 in August 1923.  It was sold to Marquette & Huron Mountain RR as 34, Class SC-1, in July 1963 and sold to IRM in 1971.  It was sold to Western Maryland Scenic RR in 1991 and restored as Western Maryland 734 in 1992.

Lake Superior & Ishpeming 35, Class SC-1, was built by Baldwin in April 1916, #43106, as 19.  It was renumbered 35 in August 1923.  It was sold to M&HM as 35, Class SC-1, in July 1963 and sold to Dennis Daugherty in December 1983.  It was sold as LS&I 35 to IRM in March 1985.

Lee Tidewater Cypress Co 18 was built by Baldwin in May 1920, #53234, as Redman Lumber Co 12.  It was sold to Georgia Car & Locomotive and resold as LTCCo 18.  The company was sold to J C Turner Co in 1958 and sold to Edaville Corp in 1962.  It was sold to George Silcott in 1968 and sold to John Thompson in May 1968.  It was donated to IRM in 2008.

Lehigh & New England 270, Class B-5,was built by Baldwin in 1936, #61922.  It was sold as Nicholson Terminal & Dock Co 14 and sold to B J Pollard in May 1966.  It was sold to Herb Hanson in September 1968 and transferred to IRM in July 1974.  It was repainted as L&NE 270.

St Louis-San Francisco 1630 was built by Baldwin in March 1918, #47953, for Imperial Russian State Rys, but was diverted as United States Railway Adminstration 1147.  It was sold as SL-SF 1630 in November 1920. It was sold to Eagle Picher CoNovember 1951 and was restored operational at IRM as Frisco 1630 in August 1967.

Toledo-Detroit RR 16 was built by Baldwin in August 1914, #41653, as Midland Pennsylvania RR "T E Herrick".  It was sold as T-DRR 16 in December 1915 and leased as Detroit Toledo & Ironton 16 in May 1916.  It was donated to the Edison Institute in 1930 and swapped to IRM in September 1983.

Tuskegee RR 101 was built by Baldwin in October 1924, #58057. It was later sold to T R Miller Mill Co as 101, It was later sold to IRM in July 1969 where it has been restored as Tuskegee RR 101.

Union Electric Co 4 was built by Porter in October 1946, #8082.  It was donated to Transport Museum Assn of Brooklyn, IL, in 1980 and donated to IRM in September 1982.



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