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134, SW1200, was built by Electro-Motive in January 1965, #30023, FN 4475-5, as Denver & Rio Grande Western 134, Class ES412D-1. It was formerly Class DE B-B 61 and was sold to Peavey but never relettered.

352, RS1, was built in December 1954, #80978, as Minneapolis St Paul & Sault Ste Marie 352.  It became Soo Line RR 352 in 1961 and retired in February 1975.  It was sold as International Multifoods Inc 352 and became Peavey 352.  It was sold as Maryland & Delaware 25 but apparently was used only for parts.

473, GP7, was built by Electro-Motive in November 1951, #15204, FN 6275-2, as Belt Ry of Chicago 473, Class 470.  It was sold as Peavey 473 in 1998 and became Frontier Cooperative Co 473 in 2002.

632, SW1200, was built by Electro-Motive in November 1954, #20062, FN 4268-8, as Chicago Milwaukee St Paul & Pacific 2027, Class 12E-S.  It was renumbered 632 in 1959 and retired in June 1983.  It was sold to Independent Locomotive Service Co in January 1984 and sold as Peavey 632 in 1984.  It became Kalama Import Co 632.

852, SW1, was built by Electro-Motive  in March 1940, #1042, FN E298-4, as Chicago Milwaukee St Paul & Pacific 1616, Class DE-6.  It was reclassified Class 6E-S and renumbered 950 in 1959 and 862 in January 1973.  It was retired in May 1980 and sold to Independent Locomotive Co in January 1983.  It was sold as Pillsbury Co 862 and became  PGCo 862.  It was sold as Wisconsin Great Northern RR 862 in 1998.

1060, S2, was built by Alco in November 1949, #77807, as Chesapeake & Ohio 5038, Class MSA-10.  It was transferred as B&O 9132, Class S-2, in 1963 and sold to Luntz Iron & Steel on November 3, 1972.  It was sold through Birmingham Rail & Locomotive as Savannah State Docks 9132 in July 1973.  It was sold to Railway Equipment Leasing Co as RE 1060 in January 1980.  It was sold as Pillsbury Corp 1060 in April 1980 and sold as Burdick Grain Co 1060 in April 1989.  It became Peavey 1060 in September 1991 and sold to Indiana Boxcar Corp as IBCX 1060 in 1997.  It was resold to George R Silcott in September 2000 and stored at Worthington, OH.

1279, SW1, was built by Electro-Motive in May 1953, #18112, FN 4228-6, as Chicago & North Western 1279 .  It was retired on June 1, 1978, and sold to Wilson-Cramer.  It was sold to Peavey in  Duluth, MN, as 1279.  It was sold as Cargill Inc CAGX 1279 and became Berthold Farmers Elevator BFEX 1279.

1280, SW600, was built by Electro-Motive in March 1954, #19513, FN 4267-1, as Chicago & North Western 1280. It was retired on March 20, 1978, and sold to Peavey, Convent, LA, as 1280.

1281, SW600, was built by Electro-Motive in March 1954, #19514, FN 4267-2, as C&NW 1281. It was retired on November 10, 1977, and sold to Peavey, Kearney, NE, as 1281, in March 1978.

9044, S2, was built by Alco in March 1945, #72906, as Baltimore & Ohio 500, Class DS-5A.  It was renumbered 9044, Class SA-3, in 1957 and reclassified Class S-2 in 1964.  It was assigned and sublettered as BOCT until the later 1960s.  It was sold to Naporano Iron & Metal on June 25, 1976, and resold thru George R Silcott Co as Peavey 9044 in June 1979.  It was sold as Michigan Elevator Co 9044 and sold thru Diesel Electric Supply as Minnesota Dakota & Western 19 in March 1984.


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