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4007, Class GR-430a, was built in June 1966, #A2170, FN C315-6.  It was renumbered 9307 in 1981 and retired on June 30, 1998.  It was sold to Railcar Limited Motive Power as RMGX 9307 in 1999 and sold as Heart of Georgia RR 1540 in 2003.

4009, Class GR-430a, was built in June 1966, #A2172, FN C315-8.  It was renumbered 9309 in 1981 and retired on May 27, 1996

4017, Class GR-420b, was built in October 1967, #A2250, FN C323-6.  It was renumbered 9317 in 1981 and retired on December 4, 1996.  It was sold to Locomotive Leasing Partners and rebuilt by GEC Alsthom on December 2, 1998, as Union Pacific 2384, Class GP38-2.  It was renumbered 884 on September 5, 2001, and retired on July 1, 2006.  It was sold to General American Transportation Corp as GMTX 2103.


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