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2, RS3, was built in January 1955, #80761, as Missouri Pacific 4504.  It was renumbered 977 in 1962  and sold as Bauxite & Northern RR 13.  It was sold as Union Equity Grain Co 2 and sold to Vintage.  It was sold to Arkansas Railroad Museum in 2007 but was damaged in a switching accident at Deer Park, TX.  It was scrapped.

41, C420, was built by Alco in April 1964, #84782, as Long Island RR 221, Class AGP-20msc.  It was leased as Delaware & Hudson 221, Class C-420, in 1976 and sold to United Railway Supply Co in 1979.  It was sold as Roberval & Saguenay Ry 41 in 1979 and sold to Benoit Girard Metal Co in 2000.  It was sold to Central New York Locomotive Co and resold as VLIX 41.

158, S2, was built by Alco in January 1949, #76586, as Mononahela Connecting Co 158.  It was sold as Fort Howard Paper Co 63-158 and resold as VLIX 158.

782, GP7, was built by Electro-Motive in January 1950, #10546, FN 5000-6, as Nashville Chattanooga & Saint Louis 705, Class GP-7.  It became Louisville & Nashville 1705, Class GP-7N, and renumbered 495, Class GP-7, in 1965,  It was sold as Amtrak 782 and resold to Black River & Western for parts.  It was then sold as VLIX 782.

1513, RSC2, was built by Alco in May 1949, #76815, as Seaboard Air Line RR 1513.  It became Seaboard Coast Line 1102 in July 1967 and retired in January 1974.  It was sold as Florida Power & Light Co 1102 and sold to Penn Eastern Rail Lines as Bristol Industrial Terminal Ry BITY 1102 in 1993.  It was sold to New Hope & Ivyland 1513 in 1994 and later sold as Northern Central Ry 1513.  It was sold to VLIX and leased as Danbury Railway Museum 1513 in November 2002.

2300, U23C, was built by General Electric in March 1968, #36706, as Lake Superior & Ishpeming 2300.  It was sold as VLIX 2300 in 2007 and went to Cotton Belt Museum.

2302, U23C, was built by General Electric in September 1969, #37138, as LS&I 2302.  It was sold as VLIX 2302 in 2007.

2303, U23C, was built by General Electric in September 1970, #37572, as LS&I 2303.  It was sold as VLIX 2303 in 2007.

2304, U23C, was built by General Electric in September 1970, #37573, as LS&I 2304.  It was sold as VLIX 2304 in 2007.

4229, B23-7, was built by General Electric in April 1979, #42418, as Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 6372, Class 6364.  It was renumbered 7206, Class 7200, in 1988 and renumbered 6372, Class 6364, in August 1989.  It became Burlington Northern Santa Fe 4229, Class B23-8, on December 27, 1999, and sold as VLIX 4229 in 2008.

5794, U30B, was built by General Electric in September 1974, #39904, as Saint Louis-San Francisco 857.  It became Burlington Northern 5794, Class U30B, in December 1980.  It was retired in February 1991 and sold to Pielet Brothers on May 17, 1991.  It was sold as Kyle RR 5794 on June 14, 1991, and sold as VLIX 5794.  It was sold as Ferrocarril Chiapas Mayab 5794.

7012, RSD12, was built by Alco in March 1961, #83842, as Southern Pacific 7012, Class DF-127.  It was renumbered 2962, Class AS618-1, in 1966 and sold as Kerr-McGee Chemical Co 2962.  It was sold to Purdy Metals Co and sold as West Tennessee RR 1854 in 1993.  It was renumbered 2054 in December 1993 and sold as VLIX 2054.  It was renumbered 7012 and sold as Paperton Junction Southern Ry 7012.



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