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Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe

Motor Cars

M.102 was built by McKeen Motor Car Co in 1910, #105.  It was sold as Union Pacific M-25 in October 1922 and retired in December 1944.

M.125 was built by Pullman in October 1929, #6259, Electro-Motive in October 1929, #392.  It was retired in September 1958.

M.131 was built by Pullman in September 1929, #6259, Electro-Motive in September 1929, #385.  It was rebuilt on February 29, 1952, and scrapped on September 23, 1958.

M.160 was built by Brill in 1932, #22959.  It was donated to the Age of Steam Museum in 1969.

M.186 was built by Pullman in June 1931, #6401, Electro-Motive in June 1931, #483.  It was rebuilt with  a Caterpillar engine on August 24, 1950, and retired in November 1963.

M.190 was built by Pullman in June 1932, #6407, Electro-Motive in June 1932, #499.  It was rebuilt with another EMD diesel in 1949.  It was sent to the California State Ry Museum and sent to Belen in 2007 for static display.

DC-191 was built by Budd in April 1952, #5603, as RDC1.  It was sold as Baltimore & Ohio 1913, Class DC-1, in February 1970 and renumbered 9918 in 1970. 

DC-192 was built by Budd in April 1952, #5604, as RDC1.  It was wrecked at Redondo Junction, Los Angeles, on January 22, 1956, and rebuilt with a baggage area in January 1958.  It was sold to Indianapolis Transit Authority in November 1970 and never used.  It was sold to Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit for parts.


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