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Don's Rail Photos

Louisville & Nashville RR

Rolling Stock

454 was sold to Stone Mountain Scenic RR.

1086 was built at South Louisville Shops in 1965 as 146.  It was renumbered 1086 and acquired by Bluegrass Railroad Museum.


2607 was built by American Car & Foundry in 191x.  It became 2457 and later sold as Royal American Shows 71.  It went to Railway Museum of Great Cincinnati and is offered for sale.


6637, Class M10, was built by Fruit Growers Express in 1981.  It became Seaboard System 6637 in January 1983 and renumbered 16637 in 1984 and became CSX Transportation 16637, Class M10, in April 1986.

40613, water stainless tanks, was built by General American Transportation Co in 1947 as General American-Pfaudler GPEX 1048.  It was a bulk milk car and sold as L&N 40613 for work train service.  It went to The Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati and is now surplus.


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