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1002, Class S-16, was built by Baldwin in August 1903, #23081, as El Paso & Northeastern 8.  It was renumbered 200 in 1903 and renumbered 400 in 1904.  It became El Paso & Southwestern 5, Class A2-31, in 1914.  It became SP 1002, Class S-16, on January 31, 1930, and retired at Phoenix on January 1, 1935.  It was scrapped at El Paso on Dewcember 6, 1935.

1044, Class S-1, was built by Schenectady in June 1893, #4136, as Class BA.  It was reclassified as Class S-1 in 1904 and rebuilt on January 18, 1918.  It was retired on July 30, 1932, and scrapped at Bayshore on May 23, 1934.

1121, Class S-57, was built by Alco-Schenectady on August 19, 1904, #30030.  It was rebuilt on May 12, 1914, and retired on September 20, 1950.  It was scrapped at Bayshore on November 8, 1950.


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