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A4 was built by Pullman-Standard as Great Northern A4.  It was renumbered A3 and became Burlington Northern A8 "Kooatenai River" in 1970.  It was renamed A8 "Canadian River" and became Burlington Northern Santa Fe "Canadian River" in 1996.

1175 "Oberlin Glacier" was built by Pullman-Standard in 1947, #6751.  It was rebuilt as 1198 "Manitoba Club" in 1952 and became BN  "St Croix River" in 1970.  It was sold to several people after 1981 and sent to Milwaukee Rail Car in 1984.  It was completed in 1985 as "North Star" #800289 by North Rail Car Co.  It was sold to St Louis Car Co and later to North Star Charters Inc in 1990.  It was sold to Florida East Coast RR in 2006.

1290 "Appekunny Mountain" was built by American Car & Foundry in October 1950.  It became BN 1200 "Appekunny" in 1970 and sold as Grant Supply Co 1290 "Appekunny Mountain".  It was sold as Arizona & California 1 "Appekunny Mountain" and transferred as California Northern RR 100 "Appekunny Mountain".



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