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2100, Class T-1, was built by Baldwin in 1925 as 2045, Class I-10sa.  It was rebuilt as 2100, Class T-1, in September 1945.  It was sold to Striegel Supply & Equipment in 1965 and sold to Ross E Rowland in 1975.  It was stored in 1987 and sold to 2100 Corporation.  It was rebuilt and ran several trips.  It was donated to Portage Ohio Regional Transportation Authority but never used and sold to RailLink Ltd in January 1998,  It was sold to Golden Pacific RR in June 2005.

2102, Class T-1, was built by Baldwin in 1925 as 2044, Class I-10sa.  It was rebuilt as 2102, Class T-1, in November 1945 and retired in October 1959.  It was sold to Rail Tours in July 1967 and resold to Rail Diversified of Ohio in August 1980.  It was sold as Blue Mountain &Reading 2102 in June 1985.



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