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 Route 18

In June 1897, NATIONAL-FOND DU LAC ran from Fond du Lac Ave & N 27th on Fond du Lac Ave, Walnut St, N 3rd St, W Water St (Plankinton Ave), Reed (S 2nd) St, and National Ave to Soldiers" Home Depot at 42nd Ave (S 47th St).

On September 18, 1899, it was extended to 53rd & National Ave.

On November 1, 1908, it was extended on Fond du Lac from 27th to 35th.

On September 22, 1912, it was extended to 62nd (70th St) & Greenfield.

One man operation on September 13, 1936.

On October 3, 1943, it was extended on Greenfield, 81st, Lapham, to 92nd replacing Route 10.

On October 12, 1947, NATIONAL ran from 92nd to a loop on Water, Michigan, Broadway, Mason and Water.  Fond du Lac became Route 23.

On June 21, 1953, NATIONAL-VLIET ran from 92nd via 2nd to Juneau, Winnebago, and Vliet to N 60th.

On May 29, 1955, abandonment was made west of S 37th on National.

On November 18, 1955, replacement was made by trolley buses.

The terminal on Vliet was the city limits.

Soldiers Home had a loop.

National at 50th.

Hawley Road was a connection with Route 65.

Duplex cars were used for Allis Chalmers workers.

70th & Greenfield was the busiest corner.  Route 10 turned from 70th to Greefield and Route 18 ended just east of the corner.  After 1943, Route 10 terminated next to the AC office and Route 18 continued to 92nd.

Wisconsin State Fair was along Greenfield where the line turned at 81st.

West Allis Car Station was served by the line.

The line ended on the old Waukesha line before the Rapid Transit line was built.

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