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French Trams



Usines Municipales de Colmar



Compagnie des Tramways Electriques de Dijon

45 was built by Grammont in 1940.


Electrique Lille Roubaix Tourcoing

Societe Nouvelle Electrique Lille Roubaix Tourcoing

This company was begun in 1905 and included 13 lines started by Alfred Mongy in 1900.  It merged in 1922 with 10 lines begun in 1894.  By 1950 it still had 3 lines.  It became SNELRT in 1972 with 2 lines.

525 was built by Brissonneau et Lotz in 1950.

528 was built by Brissonneau et Lotz in 1950.

Compagnie des Tramways Électriques de Lille et sa Banlieue

Compagnie Générale Industrielle de Transports

TELB was begun in 1901 and included horse and steam trams.  It was changed in 1955 as CGIT and the last cars ran on January 29, 1966.

807 was built by TELB in 1935.

833 was built by TELB in 1935.

881 was built by TELB in 1935.


Compagnie Française des Tramways



Compagnie Générale Française de Transports et d'Entreprises



Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens

112, GEC-Alstom TFS-2, was built by Alstom in 1992.



Chemins de Fer à Voie étroite de Saint-Étienne

512, PCC, was built in Strasbourg in 1958.


Chemins de fer Economiques du Nord SA

17 was built by Burgeoise et Nivelles in 1915.

36 was built by Burgeoise et Nivelles in 1915.



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