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Don's Rail Photos

Alberta Shortlines and Industrial Railroads


Alberta Pioneer Railroad Association

6514, FP9A, was built by General Motors in January 1957, #A1044, as Canadian National 6514, Class GPA-17c.  It became Via Rail Canada 6514, Class GPA-17c, in March 31, 1978, and later Algoma Central RR 1753 in February 1995.  It was sold as APRA 6514 in 2003.

6614, F9B, was built by General Motors in January 1957, #A1053, FN C218-1, as CNR 6614, GPB-17c. It became Via 6614, Class GPB-17c, on March 31, 1978, and later ACRR  1762 on February 20, 1995.  It was sold as Alberta Pioneer Railroad Association 6614 in 2003.

Alberta RailNet

Savage Alberta RR

1009, B23-7, was built by General Electric in February 1978, #41730, as Louisville & Nashville 5120, Class B23-7.  It later became Seaboard System 5120 and later became CSX Transportation 3120, Class B23-7.  It was sold as ARN 1009 and became SAR 1009.  It became Last Mountain Ry 1009 and became Stewart Southern Ry 1009.

1010, B23-7, was built by General Electric in September 1978, #41984, as Southern Ry 3975.   It was sold as ARN 1010 and became SAR 1010.  It became LMR 1010 and became SSR 1010.

7482, 39-8, was built by General Electric in July 1986, #45332, as Consolidated Railroad Corp 6005, Class C39-8.  It became CSX Transportation 7482, Class Dash8-39C, in September 1999, and retired on April 15, 2005.  It was sold to National Railway Equipment Co as NREX 7482 and sold as SAR 7482.  It was scrapped at Woodcrast, IL, in December 2007.

Central Western Ry.

4602 was built by Pullman Car Co in 1930, #6336, as Delaware Lackawanna & Western 2602.  It became Erie-Lackawanna 3602 in 1961 and assigned as Consolidated Railroad Corp 3602 in April 1976.  It was assigned as New Jersey Transit 4602 in 1983 and sold as Hartwell RR 4602 in 1983.  It was sold as New Georgia RR 1201 in 1984 and sold as Central Western Ry 1201 in 1987.

Western Coal & Coke Co.

Lethbridge Collieries Ltd.

1 was built by Montreal Locomotive in September 1913, #53632, as WC&C 1.  It became LC 1 after 1935 and retired in 1965.  It was sold to Ray Buhrmaster and Stan Mailer in February 1965 and sent to Mid-Continent Railway Museum.


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