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PURAY-7 2-6-2T


We might call this the catch-all class of Prairies. Peter Clark gives us the following information. They were built between 1925 and 1942. 1 thru 8 were built as 341 thru 348 at Seoul and renumbered in the general renumbering of 1938. 9 thru 14 were built as 321 thru 326 by Hitachi. 15 thru 19 were built by Nippon, Kawasaki, and Keijo apparently after 1938. Numbers higher than 59 are not shown on his listing.  James Heffner's list shows a total of 279 2-6-2Ts of all classes. 169 went to South Korea and 110 to North Korea at the division in 1947.

PR7-5 was built at Seoul as 345.  It was renumbered PR7-5 in 1938.  That is the engine house master in his dark blue suit and rubber boots in the picture.

PR7-9 was built by Hitachi as 321.  It was renumbered PR7-9 in 1938.

PR7-11 was built by Hitachi as 323.  It was renumbered PR7-11 in 1938.











PR7-89 was built by Kawasaki in 1939 which was privately owned as Gyeongchum Ry.

PR7-90 was built by Kawasaki in 1939 for GRy.  It has an emblem which remained for the GRy.

PR7-91 was built by Kawasaki in 1939 for GRy.

PR7-92 was built by Kawasaki in 1939 for GRy.

PR7-93 was built by Hitachi in 1941 for GRy.

PR7-101 was built by Nippon Shario Kaisha in 1928.

PR7-201 was built by Porter in 1921.




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