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Korean National RR

Joseon Chongdokbu Cheoldoguk

TEHO-2 4-6-0


This group of locomotives was built over a period from 1904 to 1907 by Baldwin according to the information supplied by Peter Clark. They were originally 201 thru 221, and later renumbered 611 thru 631. They became 1 thru 21 after the 1938 general renumbering by classes. James Heffner's list indicates there were 178 ten-wheelers in all classes. 106 went to South Korea and 72 to North Korea in the 1947 partition.

TW2-2 was built by Baldwin as 202.  It was renumbered 612 and renumbered TW2-2 in 1938.  It was ready to take a local passenger train from the northernmost regular passenger station into Seoul. All stations north of here were for military use only.

TW2-4 was built by Baldwin as 204.  It was renumbered 614 and renumbered TW2-4 in 1938.  It is pictured on a commuter train with rebuilt box cars converted for passenger use.

TW2-6 was built by Baldwin as 206.  It was renumbered 616 and renumbered TW2-6 in 1938.  It had a builders plate indicating it was built at Seoul in 1933. This could well have been a general rebuilding.

TW2-7 was built by Baldwin as 207.  It was renumbered 617 and renumbered TW2-7 in 1938.

TW2-8 was built by Baldwin as 208.  It was renumbered 618 and renumbered TW2-8 in 1938.

TW2-9 was built by Baldwin as 209.  It was renumbered 619 and renumbered TW2-9 in 1938.

TW2-11 was built by Baldwin as 211.  It was renumbered 621 and renumbered TW2-11 in 1938.

TW2-12 was built by Baldwin as 212.  It was renumbered 622 and renumbered TW2-12 in 1938.  It was power on an inspection train which I rode as the only enlisted man with 2 colonels and a captain. We were checking for surplus supplies at various engine houses, but it was more of an extended railfan trip. 12 had a builder plate indication building (rebuilding) at Seoul in 1935.

TW2-14 was built by Baldwin as 214.  It was renumbered 624 and renumbered TW2-14 in 1938.


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