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Don's Rail Photos

Fire Engines







Dallas Fort Worth International Airport




Ellis County Emergency Service District #6

Engine 981.

Engine 982.


Flower Mound

311 was built by Ford.



Fort Worth

Engine 1.

Ladder Q12.



Pumper 1X.

Snorkel 1.

Engine 2.

Truck 2.

Engine 3.

Engine 6.

Engine 7.



Chelan County Fire District No. 1

Brush 17 is a converted military Humvee.




2 was built by Chevrolet in 1930.  It became a fire truck tanker as Village of Pewaukee 2 and I bought it for $50 in 1957 for Illinois Railway Electric Museum.  I drove it to North Chicago and repainted it.  We named it as Interstate Electric Ry T-1.  After I left the area in 1960, the engine was frozen and the group decided to scrap it.



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