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The Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Light Co.

The Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Transport Co. 

Kenosha Motor Coach Lines

Milwaukee Rapid Transit & Speedrail Co.

The Rapid Transit Line

All of the interurban lines began and ended at the Public Service Building.

The Rapid Transit was begun for surveys in 1924 and 1924.  Contracts were let in 1925 for two sections.  One was from 35th to Hawley Road and the second was from 68th to West Junction.  They were opened on June 14, 1926, and this allowed the Watertown line to use the Clybourn Street line to 35th and the Fairview tracks of Route 10 between Hawley and 68th. 

The next section linked West Junction to Fruitland Junction (100th & National) and this allowed the East Troy-Burlington lines to use the new entrance on June 20, 1927.

The Fairview section was replaced for a 4 track area which separated the interurbans with Route 10.  It was opened on June 10, 1928.

Construction was begun on December 4, 1928, from 35th to 8th and completed to the surface tracks in September 1930. 

It was planned to build a subway from 8th to the Public Service Building, but it was only started when the depression caused additional projects.  There was a large office building with freight docks on the surface.  There was a yard built on a higher level and tracks carried up to the elevated main line.  There was a "temporary" ramp from the subway entrance to 8th Street and it allowed the trains to go towards PSB.  The area was changed drastically after the mid 1960s in order to make freeway.

Near 10th, there was an elevated open track for about a block over Hibernia Street.  We called it the "Hibernia L".

There was a series of curves near 28th

Near 28th, the 3rd track was ended.

The area approaching West Junction was well out of the country in the 1930s.

West Junction had a station,  2 shelters, and a outhouse.  A connection with Route 10 was removed in 1939 and only one shelter remained.


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