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Don's Rail Photos

Leadville Colorado & Southern RR

Wally Weart submitted this story and photos.

On Sept 18, 1999, the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club chartered a car on the Leadville, Colorado & Southern for a trip over their line. The route is from Leadville to a point about 8 miles up the valley towards Fremont Pass. One pic shows GP-9 1714 at the Leadville, CO station. This is the ex-C&S narrow gauge station which saw its last narrow gauge train in 1942. The C&S standard gauged the line in that year as it served the AMAX molybdenum mine and moly was needed for the war effort. This mine was shut down several years ago and the line acquired by a tourist operator.

Another pic shows the caboose of the LC&S. They shove uphill to the end of track and pull back. The caboose has a small plow pilot, an air horn and is really well set up for its task.

The third pic is at Baker Tank, where the train stops on the down hill trip for a 15 minute break. The water tank is left from the narrow gauge days.

The fourth pic is the view from the train. If it derailed, it would wind up way down there.

Here are also a few photos from the editor's collection.

1714, GP9, was built by Electro-Motive in August 1955, #20644, FN 5403-1, as Northern Pacific 241. It became Burlington Northern 1714, Class GP-9, in 1970 and retired on December 1, 1986. It was donated to the LC&S on December 13, 1987, and was repainted and relettered the following year.

1918, GP9, was built by Electro-Motive in August 1957, #22736, as NP 333. It became BN 1918, Class GP-9, in 1970. It was sold to the LC&S in November 198 and was repainted and relettered the following year.

Roger Kirkpatrick joined in the efforts and has supplied photographs.

Bill Volkmer also visited Leadville and furnished the following photos which include C&S 641 which is stuffed and mounted at Leadville.


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