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7 "Stonewall Jackson" was built as Chicago Rock Island & Pacific "Rockmarge".  It was sold as Florida East Coast "Randligh" and sold as Chesapeake & Ohio 7.  It became CSX 7 "Stonewall Jackson" in 1986 and later renumbered OC7 Jackson.

310 "Georgia" was built in 1912 as a Atlantic Coast Line dining car.  It was rebuilt as ACL 310, office car.  It became Seaboard Coast Line 310 "Georgia" in July 1967 and became Seaboard System 310 "Georgia" in January 1983.  It became CSX 310 "Georgia" in April 1986 and sold to Texas Tank Car Works.  It is for sale by D F Barhardt & Assoc.

16637, Class M10, was built by Fruit Growers Express in 1981, as Louisville & Nashville 6637, Class M10.  It was SBD 6637 in January 1983 and renumbered 16637 in 1984 and became CSX 16637, Class M10, in April 1986.

21022 was ex Seaboard Coast Line 01022.  It became SBD 21022 in January 1983 and assigned CSX 21022 in April 1986.


903913, Class C26A, was built by International Car Co in 1975, as Baltimore & Ohio C3913, Class C26A.  It was renumbered 903913 in 1980 and became CSX 903913, Class C26A, in 1987.

904086, Class C27A, was built by Fruit Growers Express in 1980, as B&O 904096, Class C27A.  It became CSX 904086, Class C27A, in 1987.


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