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Electro-Motive SW7 Diesels

1800, Class SW7, was built in August 1950, #10752, FN 4038-1.  It was rebuilt at Omaha as 1248, Class SW10, in May 1983.  It was retired on July 3, 1998, and sold to Ferrocarril Mexicano as 1248.

1801, Class SW7, was built in August 1950, #10753, FN 4038-2.  It was rebuilt at Omaha as 1251, Class SW10, on July 30, 1983, and retired on April 3, 1998.  It was sold to Boise Locomotive Co on April 15, 1999, and sold to Transglobal Rail.  It was sold as State Line Co-op 1251.

1802, Class SW7, was built in August 1950, #10754, FN 4038-3.  It was rebuilt at Omaha as 1245, Class SW10, on February 28, 1983, and wrecked at North Platte, NE, on March 4, 1987.  The hood was used for repairing another SW10 and retired on March 7, 1988.  It was sold to Aaron Ferer & Sons for scrap on March 29, 1988.

1809, Class SW7, was built in September 1950, #10761, FN 4038-10.  It was retired in February 1977 and sold to Chrome Crankshaft Co.  It was rebuilt at Silvis in August 1979 and sold as Illinois Terminal RR 1220.  It became Norfolk & Western 1220 in November 1951.  It was returned to Chrome in August 1986 and sold to Rail Switching Services as RSSX 1220.



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