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1025 was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in June 1923, #56642, as 35. It was renumbered 1025 and sold to the Bamberger RR as 550 in 1941. It was scrapped in 1952.

010 was built by SDER in 1911 as passenger car 106. It was rebuilt in 1915 and then again in 1924 as express car 1000. In 1926 it was rebuilt as a service car and renumbered 010.

025 was built by Miller Knoblock in 1898 as passenger car 103. It was rebuilt in 1899 and in 1905. In 1909 it was renumbered 18. It was again rebuilt in 1917. In 1923 it was rebuilt and renumbered as 25. In 1925 it was again renumbered as 025, and it was scrapped in 1947.

026 was built by SDER in 1910 as passenger car 96. It was rebuilt in 1915 and 1917 and then converted to tower car use in 1923 as 26. It was renumbered 026 in 1924 and scrapped in 1949.

028 was built by SDER in 1910 as passenger car 99. It was rebuilt in 1920 as express car 56. It was then rebuilt again in 1923 as track sander and trolley greaser 28. It was renumbered 028 in 1924 and scrapped in 1949.


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