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Don's Rail Photos

Texas State Railroad

Once it was a white elephant, and now it is one of the great tourist attractions of Texas. The entire Texas State RR history can be found at their site, even though little is mentioned of the ill fated attemp to set up a tourist line under the name of the Cherokee & Southwestern. You can check out this history on other pages. We just want to show you their equipment.

1, 45Ton, was built by General Electric in January 1947, #29207, as Temple Lumber Co. 1. It was acquired in 1972.

7, RS2, was built by Alco in May 1949, #76828, as Union RR 608. It was later sold as Point Comfort & Northern 7. In 1952 it became Rockdale Sandow & Southern 7, but it was returned to the PC&N in 1956. It came to the TSR in May 1975.

8, MRS2, was built in 1953 by Alco, #80395, and General Electric, #31636, as United States Army B2081. It later became United States Navy 65-00560.

22, 70 Ton, was built by General Electric in May 1956, #32569, as Texas South-Eastern RR 22. It operated on the TSR when the TSE operated the line under lease.

200 was built by Cooke in July 1896, #2341, as Southern Pacific 1829, Class DA. In 1901 it was renumbered 2248, Class T-1. It was assigned to fire train service until more modern methods were developed. It was leased to Pacific Fruit Express from March 15, 1945, until March 10, 1949, and then when into display use until the flue time expired in 1959. It was retired at Sacramento on May 3, 1961, and sold for scrap to Purdy Co on May 8, 1961. It was purchased for tourist use in California by C T Brown, but that failed to materialize. In 1974 it was sold to the TSR and rehabilitated as TSR 200 in June 1976. After 5 years of service, the locomotive was stored until purchased by the Fort Worth & Western RR in 1990. It was restored at 8th Avenue with the exception of boiler work. It operated until 1999 when the boiler required major work. It was replaced by Coe Rail for a short time. The locomotive was then rebuilt in 2001 and is in service. It was sold as Grapevine Vintage RR 2248 "Puffy" in 2004.

201 was built by Cooke in 1901, #26142, as Texas & Pacific 316. It later was sold to the Paris & Mt. Pleasant as 316. The T&P bought it back from the P&MP and installed it in Abilene, TX, as T&P 75. In May 1974, it was donated to the TSR and was restored at TSR 201.

300 was built by Baldwin in November 1917, #47032, as planned as United States Army 396. It was finished as 649 in November 1917  and served at Norfolk Navy Yard.  It was sent to Warrior River Terminal RR as 300 and then sent to the Fort Peck Dam in the 1930s.  It was transferred in 1941 and renumbered 20 of the Claiborne & Polk Training Ry. It was apparently not overhauled and put into service until September - October, 1944.  It was also involved in a rather interesting derailment while on the railroad, backing up over a large fill when the tender derailed, and ended up backwards and parallel to the locomotive The last movement over the C&P, running westbound from Camp Claiborne to Camp Polk, on August 30, 1945 so that it could aid #11 with the switching at Camp Polk as the war was winding down.  After WWII, it was sold to S. Bender in March 1947 and resold as Tremont & Gulf 28. It was sold as Temple Lumber Co 28 in June 1955 and merged as Southern Pine Lumber Co 28 in 1956.  SPL donated the locomotive in 1973 and it was moved to the TSR in February 1976.  It became 300 when rebuilt.  It was restored as SPLCo 28.  It was repainted as SPLCo 28.

400 was also built by Baldwin in September 1917, #46491, as Tremont & Gulf 30. It was converted from coal to oil in 1923. In May 1954 it was sold to the Magma Arizona RR and became their 7. The last run on the MA was June 10, 1967, and the locomotive was sold to the TSR on May 6, 1974. It was shipped shortly afterwards. It was rebuilt and placed into service in May 1978.  It was repainted as MA 7.

500 was built by Baldwin in 1911, #37332, as Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 1316, Class 1309. It was originally a four-cylinder balanced compound, but it was rebuilt at Clovis in March 1922 as a simple engine. On October 18, 1954, it was donated to the Fort Concho Foundation at San Angelo, TX, for display. It was later donated to the TSR and restored as 500 in 1980.

359 was ex Kansas City Southern 359.

Café observation car 1511, built by Pullman in 1927, came from the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe. It is on loan from the Texas Transportation Museum at San Antonio and arrived in 1974


11543 is a 120 ton steam crane built by American Hoist & Derrick in 1923. It was Southern Pacific MW5850 and was donated in 1979.

3545 was built in 1927 as Chicago Rock Island & Pacific 18545.  It was acquired by Texas State RR and relettered as T&P 3545. 

103554 was built in 1927as CRI&P 18554.  It was acquired by TSR in 1973.

The depots had all been removed by the time the line was re-opened. There was a need for a station at Maydelle, and an older house was moved in and remodeled.

The Gulf Coast Chapter NRHS has sponsored a number of special weekends on the TSR. Here is a series of photos from March 1 and 2, 1997. 300 was lettered up to resemble a Santa Fe consolidation and numbered 1 digit higher than the highest number on the Santa Fe. Sunday featured a trip using diesel 7. For more information on other trips by this group, check out their web site.

March 3, 4, and 5, 2000, found Gulf Coast on the TSR again. On Friday there were motor car trips between Palestine and Deanwright Road. On Saturday, 500 and 201 provided as double headers and also gave runbys as freight and passenger trains. Sunday found 8 doing the honors for a round trip with shop tour. The weather was much better.


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