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Burlington Northern Santa Fe

Electro-Motive SDP40 Diesels

6325, Class SDP-40, was built in May 1966, #31595, FN 7870-4, as Great Northern 323, Class SDP-40.  It became Burlington Northern 9853, Class SDP-40, in 1970 and renumbered 6397, Class SD-40, on April 15, 1974.  It was renumbered 1976 in May 13, 1975, and renumbered 6397 on January 14, 1978.  It became BNSF 6325, Class SDP-40, in August 1998 and sold to GEC-Alstom in November 2000.  It was rebuilt as GCFX 3093 in  2001 and sold to CIT Group as CITX 3093 in 2008.  It was sold as Gardendale RR 9043 in August 2012.


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