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5402, SD50F, was built by General Motors in April 1985, #A4474, FN C455-3, as Canadian National 5402, Class GF-636a.  It was sold as ASDX 5402 in 2009.

5409, SD50F, was built by General Motors in May 1985, #A4481, FN C455-10, as CN 5409, Class GF-636a.  It was sold ASDX 5409 in 2009.

6908, SD40, was built by General Motor in October 1968, #A2319, FN C325-42, as CN 5067, Class GF-30d.  It was retired on January 22, 1999, and rebuilt by Alstom in 1999 for Chemin de Fer Matapedia et du Golfe as CFMG 6908.  It was sold as ASDX 6908 in 2009.

9040, SD40-M2, was built by Electro-Motive in May 1971, #38203, FN 5787-1, as Louisville & Nashville 1249, Class SD-40. It later became Seaboard System RR 1231 in January 1983 and renumbered 8324 in 1984.   and later CSX Transportation 8325, Class SD-40, in April 1986.  It was rebuilt as Motive Power International 9040 in 1990.  It was transferred as Morrison Knudsen 9040 and back as MPI  9040 andsold to Helm Leasing Corp as HLCX 9040 in May 1996. It was sold as ASDX 9040 in 2012.

9046, SD40M-2, was built by Electro-Motive  in March 1971, #35846, FN 7224-1, as Kansas City Southern 634.  It was sold to MK in 1991 as 634 and was rebuilt as 9046.  It was sold as HLCX 9046.  It was sold as ASDX 9046.


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