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Electro-Motive Hump Units

4601, Class Hump Unit SD-40, was built in April 1969, #34762, FN 7155-5, as Louisville & Nashville 1233, Class SD-40.  It later became Seaboard System RR 1233 and renumbered 8309.  It later became CSX 8309, Class SD-40, and renumbered 4601, Class Hump Unit SD-40.

4608, Class Hump Unit SD-40. was built in May 1971, #38210, FN 5787-8, as L&N 1256, Class SD-40.  It became SBD 1256 in January 1983 and renumbered 8332 in 1984.  It became CSX 8332, Class SD-40, in April 1986.  It was renumbered as 4608, Class Hump Unit SD-40, and transferred as Toledo Ore Dock Co 999.

4609, Class Hump Unit SD-40, was built in January 1969, #34743, FN 7152-2, as Clinchfield RR 3010.  It later became SBD 8285 and then was renumbered 8344.  It became CSX 8344, Class SD-40, and rebuilt as 4609, Class Hump Unit SD-40.

4610, Class Hump Unit SD-40, was built in February 1969, #34746, FN 7152-5, as Clinchfield 3013  It later became SBD 8288 and then renumbered 8347.  It later became CSX 8347, Class SD-40, and rebuilt as 4610, Class Hump Unit SD-40.

4614, Class Hump Unit SD-40, was built in June 1970, #36705, FN 7276-10, as Chesapeake & Ohio 7516, Class SD-40.  It was renumbered 8375 in 1984 and became CSX 8375, Class SD-40, in 1985.  It was renumbered as 4614, Class Hump Unit SD-40, and scrapped in 2012.



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