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V & S Railway, LLC

The V&S Railway owns and operates three different shortline railroads consisting of over 150 miles of track. 

The Medicine Lodge Line consists of 22 miles of track extending from Medicine Lodge, KS to Attica, KS. It traces its origin back to 1886, when the Southern Kansas Company built a rail line from Attica to Medicine Lodge. The next year in 1887 the Atchison Topeka and Sante Fe Railway assumed ownership of the railroad. V&S Railway purchased the Medicine Lodge Line and commenced operations in 2000

The Towner Line consists of 122 miles of track extending from N.A. Junction, CO to Towner, CO.  It was originally owned and operated by the Union Pacific Railroad until the merger of the Missouri Pacific Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad in the fall of 1996. The V&S Railway acquired ownership of the line in 2005.

The Hutchinson Line consists of about 5 miles of switching track located in Hutchinson, Kansas.  It was originally constructed in 1915 by the Arkansas Valley Interurban Railway. V&S Railway purchased the line from the Hutchinson & Northern Railway in 2006.

4066, Class B30-7A, was built in October 1983, #44424, as Burlington Northern 4066, Class B30-7A.  It was sold as VST 4066 and transferred to Grenada Ry as GRYR 4066.  It was transferred as Natchez Ry.

Gloster Southern Ry.

It consists of 33 miles of track located in Mississippi and Louisiana. The track extends from Gloster, MS to Slaughter, LA.  The Mississipi part was built by the New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Vicksburg & Memphis Railroad in 1882-1884. The New Orleans & Mississippi Valley Railroad built the Louisiana section near the same time. When the line was completed the two companies merged to form the Louisville, New Orleans & Texas Railroad. In 1986 the GS commenced service to the Georgia Pacific Plywood Mill at Gloster, MS.  It was sold to V&S in 1998.

1501. CF7, was built by Electro-Motive in May 1953, #17954, FN 6501-A7, as Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 342L, Class 325, an F7A. It was rebuilt at Cleburne as 2487, Class 2417, on December 27, 1974. It was retired on March 31, 1986, and sold to GLSR 1501 on April 7, 1986.  It was transferred to Arkansas Louisiana & Mississippi in 1998 and scrapped.

1502, CF7, was built by Electro-Motive in November 1953, #18917, FN 6523-A7, as AT&SF 272L, Class 200, an F7A.  It was retired on April 25, 1972, and rebuilt at Cleburne as 2612, Class 2617, on July 1972.  It was  retired in March 1986 and sold as GLSR 1502 in April 1986.  It was transferred as AL&M 1502 in 1998.

Grenada Ry.

It is located in Mississippi and is approximately 187 miles long. It runs from Southaven to Canton, MS with a depot located in Grenada. A spur also runs to Bruce Junction.  It was transferred to Iowa Pacific.

Lassen Valley Ry.

It was purchased from the Union Pacific in November of 2009.  It begins near Flanigan in Washoe County, NV and runs to Milepost 360.75 near Wendel in Lassen County, CA

Natchez Ry.

Natchez Railway is an approximately 66 mile long railroad, located in Mississippi.

242, B30-7A, was built by General Electric in January 1982, #43593, as Missouri Pacific 4842.  It became Union Pacific 242 on October 31, 1989, and retired on December 26, 2001.  It was sold as BDLX 242 and sold to Grenada Ry as GRYR 242.  It was transferred as Natchez Ry 242.

3200, GP40, was built by Electro-Motive in September 1967, #33479, FN 7056-6, as Missouri-Kansas-Texas 187.  It was retired on August 28, 1989, and returned to General Motors Corp as EML 187 on December 31. 1989.  It was leased as NTZR 3200 in January 2013 and returned to General American Transportation as GMTX 3200.

3201, GP40, was built by Electro-Motive in March 1966, #31611, FN 7876-2, as Chicago Milwaukee St Paul & Pacific 181, Class 30E-RS.  It was renumbered 2001 in 1968 and assigned as Soo Line RR 4605.  It became Soo 2001 in 1985 and retired in March 1989.  It was sold as EML 195 in April 1989 and sold as NTZR 3201 in January 2013.  It was returned as GMTX 3201.

4066, Class B30-7A, was built in October 1983, #44424, as Burlington Northern 4066, Class B30-7A.  It was sold to V&SRy as VST 4066 and transferred to Grenada Ry as GRYR 4066.  It was transferred as Natchez Ry 4066.


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