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Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Light Co.

Burlington Line

The Burlington line was built as a branch from the East Troy line at St Martins's Junction in 1908.  Part of the line used a grade built as The Racine Janesville & Mississippi RR and was started with 1200 volts service.  Service to Waterford opened on June 19, 1909, and to the north end of Burlington on June 2, 1909.  It was completed to the south end of Burlington at the cemetery on October 1, 1909.  The trackage in Burlington was changed to single track and terminated at the new station in 1926.  The line was abandoned on May 1, 1938, before it was separated as Wisconsin Electric Power Co and Milwaukee Electric Ry & Transport Co. 


Trains were run before there was a real station.

The Burlington terminal was built in 1926 and served the electric services for the area besides the interurban service.  It continued for WEPCo after the rail service ended and later sold for other puroses.

Wind Lake was about half way between St Martins and Burlington.

Shortly from the terminal was the crossing with the Wisconsin Central RR (Soo Line).

All of the interurban lines began and ended at the Public Service Building.


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