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1302, FA2 Class AF-16, was built in October 1951, #79301, as New York Central 1102, Class DFA-7c.  It was renumbered 1302, Class AF-16. in 1966 and became PC 1302, Class AF-16, in 1968.  It was rebuilt by General Electric in 1973 as Long Island RR 600, Class PC6.

"1390", FPA4, was built by Montreal in April 1959, #83164, as Canadian National 6786, Class MPA-18B.  It became Via Rail Canada 6786, Class MPA-18B, in March 1978 and sold as Windsor & Hantsport Ry 6786.  It was acquired by Danbury Railway Museum and painted as PC 1390.  It was later repainted as NYC 1390.

3327, FB2, Class AF-16, was built in May 1951, #78674, as NYC 3327, Class DFB-7a.  It was reclassified as Class AF-16 in 1966 and became PC 3327, Class 1302, Class AF-16, in 1968.  It was traded in to General Electric in 1968


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